Well….at least I hope hello!  LOL!  This is my first blog and my first attempt at a post.  I hope that everyone will enjoy it and that we can find some awesome new authors together, make some new friends, and have a ton of fun!

I do hope to have some author interviews, maybe some giveaways, and participate in some blog hops, too.  I hope that anyone who finds their way to this page will join in the fun.  I’ll also be posting reviews of books I read along the way.  Please feel free to comment on them, and if you have read them, let me know what you think, too!

Feel free to let me know of an author you may have heard of or read that I may not know of!  I’m always looking to get some exposure for new authors.


12 thoughts on “Welcome!!!

  1. Great job Barb!!! You are going to be great!

  2. Yes, you sure darn well did! Go into plug ins and click “add new” and then in the search bar, type in “special social sharing icons” and then click activate. Go back to it in the list, and hit settings. And select the social sharing icons you want. Be sure and select the google plus one too! Even if you don’t have these things, others who do can share your posts to their platforms.

    • Barbara HB says:

      Thanks, Azure! I got it done! I’m learning new stuff all the time. I do have google plus, but didn’t even go to that screen. Now I’m connected through my FB as well! LOL!

  3. pammie says:

    This looks like it is going to be fun, Barbara…followed you…

  4. Wendy Jones says:

    Graet start. Well done. Look forward to reading more

  5. It looks fantastic!!! I’m gonna follow. 😀 *hugs*

  6. Barbara HB says:

    *blushing* Thanks, Dawn!

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