Book Reviews…What are Your Views?

What do you like in a book review?  Do you like them long or short?  More details or less?  How do you feel if they have spoilers in them and don’t state as much?

When I write reviews, I like to keep them fairly short, introduce the characters, and give a hint about the storyline.  I don’t like to include spoilers or give too much away.  In my opinion, that is not a review.  Reviews should only entice the reader to want to read the book (in the case of a good review), or in the case of a bad review, let the reader know that the book may be a disappointment for them.  Giving away too much about the storyline of the book ruins it to me, making it not worth the investment of time or money to read as it leaves nothing for the reader to discover on their own.  Spoilers, at least in my opinion, do not belong in reviews.

I usually don’t read reviews before purchasing a book.  I choose what I read based on word of mouth, blurbs on the cover, or the name of the author.  However, as I find new authors to read and review, that is more difficult to do.  I also don’t read reviews because I don’t want to bias my own reviews by doing so.  I have found when reading reviews on other things that my opinion often differs anyway.  Sometimes I will read other reviews after I have written mine to see if others agree or disagree.

Now.  Tell me your opinion.  I would love to know your thoughts.  Authors…what are you looking for when someone reviews a book for you?  Readers, what do you like to see when you review a book?  Reviewers and bloggers, what do you put in your blogs and reviews, and why?  Let’s share some helpful hints and tips to make each other better.


13 thoughts on “Book Reviews…What are Your Views?

  1. I think a book review should be short and to the point. We buy the book if we want a novel 🙂

  2. I couldn’t agree more. 🙂 I love when someone reviews a book in that short way and doesn’t give spoilers. As someone I know says all the time, reviews are different than book reports.

  3. Sheri says:

    I do not like it when spoilers are in a book review and if I read a review I keep in mind that everyone has different views and tastes. I have read books that I have really enjoyed that have gotten really bad reviews so I don’t judge it that way. I go buy the description of book and if it interests me I will buy it. We all like different things and have different points of view. I also hate it when someone does a review and bashes the author. Those people should be banned from doing reviews. Just my opinion….

  4. Carmen says:

    I personally like to read the good and the bad, but it doesn’t sway me either way. I like what I like. If the synopsis of the book can’t pull me in then (for me) I know I won’t want to read it. I do really like word of mouth more from people I know who know what I like to read.

  5. Gloria Esau says:

    They should be short and to the point. I look for the characters and the basic plot

  6. dawn8869 says:

    I feel the same about reviews. I get turned off when I see a review that looks like a book report. I don’t usually read reviews before buying books though. I like to form my own opinion.

  7. LOL Ditter! It’s true, no novel reviews. Just reviews on novels. Look what I found a while back, a TEMPLATE for how to write a review!

  8. Deneen Sekalias says:

    Short works for me..and no spoilers..

  9. Desmond says:

    I like reviews to focus on characterization, plot and the author’s voice without giving away any spoilers.

  10. Pammie says:

    I like to introduce the main characters, give a small intro and tease to the story line, NO SPOILERS, and give praise, when warranted, to the author…

  11. Amy Hartman says:

    I don’t usually read reviews. I read blurbs before I buy. I think that is why I feel like I am not really good at reviews. I see after being in the group how important the reviews are to the writers so I feel like I need to learn to do it right.
    I would most definatly say NO SPOILERS!

  12. Mary Hardin-Moore says:

    I agree with you completely! The review should be kept short and sweet-just enough to whet my appetite. I dont feel the review should contain any spoilers.
    Also, I usually buy my books based on the author, the blurb, the cover art or word of mouth. My decision to purchase a book rarely comes from just a review.

  13. margiechurch says:

    I don’t see the point in giving a detailed summary of the plot. That’s what the blurb is for…a few highlights is good. What I’m most after is what drew you in. What did I do well? Was there a scene – without spoilers that really got you – or that you hated. is there something I could improve on? And last but not least, would you read something else I wrote. I use reviews to judge how well I’m doing with readers and I often get ideas from their comments about where to improve or what to write next.

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