Trinity Bound by Carrie Ann Ryan

Trinity Bound is the story of Reed Jamenson, third son of the Alpha of the Redwood Pack.  Reed is the Pack’s artist, but has always felt that he is not useful, not important to the Pack.  Having been captured by the rival Central Pack, he is now locked in a cell with a woman, and is being tortured.  He doesn’t know why he has been captured, nor why he is being tortured.  He only hopes that his Pack will find him soon and that he can save the woman he feels is his mate.

Hannah Lewis is a witch, but a special one, an earth witch.  The Centrals have captured her and murdered her mother.  She is being held in a cell and tortured, along with a man she doesn’t know.  She also doesn’t know why these wolves want her and are beating her and the man.  Lost and alone without her mother, Hannah doesn’t know what her future now holds.  All she knows is that she wants to help the man she is being held with and that she feels drawn to him.

Josh Kolb is a human with extraordinary abilities.  A former Navy SEAL, he has nobody and no place of his own in the world.  He is alone, and thinks he likes it that way.  Can he find the two strangers he is suddenly drawn to?  Why is he drawn to them?  Where will this lead him, and can he handle the world of the supernatural that he falls into?

As the story progresses, demons, evil, war and, of course, love abound.  How will all of this work out?  Will Reed, Hannah and Josh find love despite the numerous events that try to stop them?

Though not normally a fan of menage,  I was truly drawn to Reed’s story.  It is enthralling, and a wonderful story of love conquers all.  I highly recommend it!  Carrie Ann writes a lovely, and makes it a joy to read.

5 of 5 stars!

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