Razor by Margie Church and Kb Cutter

Amy and Bryce Gage, he’s in commercial construction, she’s a budding interior designer, and they are a happily married couple.  Or are they?  Amy wants more, more control over their sex life.  But, Bryce is dominant – in everything.  Enter Raine, Amy’s best friend, and a Domme. Can she help Bryce give up control, or will it destroy her friend’s beautiful marriage?  What does Raine want from this?  What does Amy really want?  Is there more to this than meets the eye?  Can any of them give up the control they so cherish and learn to truly love?

This book is light BDSM.  Not as heavy as 50 Shades of Grey.  When I started it, I was expecting it to be heavier than it was, and was surprised at the lightness of the BDSM compare to some others I have read.  The story is good, very enjoyable and easy to read.  The characters are endearing and I would love to know more of what happened to them!  I also found the secondary characters interesting, and would like to see more of them as well.

4 of 5 stars

One thought on “Razor by Margie Church and Kb Cutter

  1. Thank you for taking the time to read Razor and the thougtful review.

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