Ava’s Pleasure by Heidi Lynn Anderson

Ava Cullen, straight-laced counselor at an all girl’s Catholic school is having erotic dreams about a man she has never truly met.  Even though her roommate, Nick, hot, sexy fireman that he is, has tried, the dreams are not about him.  Ava has no feelings about Nick other than friendship.  Ava feels her life is out of her control, that she will never find love, because she is being punished by God.  But, will a trip to Miami to see her Aunt Julie change all that?  Is the man from her dreams within her reach?

Logan Turner, Navy SEAL, and co-owner of a hot Miami sex club, is a busy man.  Going on dangerous missions, then returning home to help his longtime friend and partner Julie with the club, and participating in the lifestyle of the club.  But, yet, he is alone.  Though he and Julie are friends, as are he and Maggie and Wanda, he is alone.  He has been having erotic dreams about a woman, he feels she has saved his life on the last mission he was sent on.  But, he has never met her, not really.  Can he find her?  If he does, will she really be “the one”?

When Ava suddenly walks into Paradise, the story begins!  Can she let go and trust Logan completely?  Will he give up everything he believes he is for this shy young woman?  Will she accept his lifestyle?  What about Julie?  What will she think of her niece being with someone like Logan?  Can love find a way to bring to people together who have never met, only dreamed of each other, and bring about a happily ever after?

This is an amazingly good story of romance and character.  Logan is a true hero, and Ava is so very innocent.  Watching them grow together, come to love each other through the story is beautiful.  I found the characters well written, and the story flowed very well.  I would like to see more of these characters in future books, as well as the secondary characters.

4 of 5 stars

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