A Christmas Favour by Sascha Illyvich

A Christmas Favour by Sascha Illyvich is a contemporary erotic romance, the story of Christian and Angela. Best friends since childhood, they have spent Thanksgiving and Christmas together for years, finally admitting that there was something more between them than friendship. But then, miles and work got in the way, and they grew apart. Christian finally has a chance to be closer to Angela. Can he admit what is most important to him before he loses the one thing that truly is? Can he put his ghosts behind him before they destroy his happiness? Will Angela allow Christian back into her life or has she moved on? Can she forgive him for what she sees as his choice to ignore her for what she thinks he feels is more important?

This is a lovely story of a star-crossed couple who have trouble making decisions that will lead to their ultimate happiness. Set against the backdrop of Christmas, it is a story of love, loss, heartbreak, and happiness. I had never read anything by Sascha Illyvich prior to this novel, but will definitely be adding more of his work to my TBR list!

5 stars!

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