Memories of Love by Jean Joachim

In this third installment of the Hollywood Hearts Series, Jean tells the story of Cara and Grant, star-crossed lovers who first fell in love seven years prior to the beginning of the story.  Cara, an aspiring actress, leaves New York, and Grant, for Los Angeles to begin her movie career.  Grant fears that she will find other men as well as a career, and breaks off the relationship though he loves her deeply.   Both are hurt and angry when they part, and neither know that there is more heartbreak to come from their relationship.

Grant moves on, or tires to, and marries Evelyn.  He finds that he has a daughter with Cara when she becomes ill and can no longer care for her.  Evelyn agrees to raise the little girl, and they become a family.  But, does Cara ever really leave Grant’s mind?  Does little Sarah accept Evelyn as her mother?  Is Evelyn completely honest with Grant and does she really accept Sarah?

Through twists and turns, drama and heartache, will these star-crossed lovers find their way back to each other?  Or will the people in their lives prevent them from the happiness they both deserve?  Will Sarah finally get to know her real mother?  Or will tragedy part them forever?

This book is amazing!  It has elements of romance, drama, and intrigue.  I highly recommend it.

5 of 5 stars.

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