Forget Me Not by Jaden Sinclair

Forget Me Not, the first novel of the Guardians series by Jaden Sinclair, is the story of Julian Marino, a vampire.  Unlike many, he is not bonded, does not have a bloodmate.  He is a hunter with no family, having disowned them years ago.  Once, he was a Noble from one of the oldest families, but having disowned that family, he was now, a disgrace.  And all for what?  A girl he would never have because she had disappeared when she was just thirteen.

Now, there was a war going on.  A war he didn’t understand, that he wanted no part of, yet he was being dragged into it by the girl’s adoptive father.  A bloodmate was in trouble, sick and dying, in need of medical help.  She had to be found, and quickly, or she would die.  As there were few of them, it was imperative that she be found.  Julian was the best hunter they race had, so it fell to him to search for her.

Serina Ferarri is going to die.  Born a bloodmate, her father is obsessed with “curing” her.  He hates vampires, and wishes them all dead.  Serina is subjected to his wretched tests, along with any bloodmates and vampires he can catch.  He has killed many in his attempts to “cure” her.  However, she grows weaker by the day, starved for food and blood.  Only her brother, Denver, tries to help her, leaving clues behind at each abandoned location, hoping that help will come for his beloved sister before it is too late.

Watched over and aided by a female Guardian, but not knowing why, Julian sets out to save Serina.  With her help, and that of his lifelong friend Lucian, can he save her?  In the process, will he find his bloodmate?  And if he does, will they survive the evil of Serina’s father, Renzo?

I enjoyed this book.  The only thing that would have made it better for me, would be a bit more detailed character development.  I never got a clear picture of what the characters looked like, where they came from, etc.  An enjoyable, read.  Loved the relationship between Lucian and Julian, and that between Serina and Julian.  I look forward to reading more from Ms. Sinclair.

3 stars

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