Movie Lovers by Jean Joachim

This fourth installment of Jean’s Hollywood Hearts series is the story of Grace Brewster and Jake Matthews.  Grace, the sister of movie and Broadway star Cara Brewster, and an aspiring screen writer, has been betrayed and broken by Hollywood movie mogul Gunther Quill.  Hoping for a fresh start, Grace moves to New York to live with Cara, resuming her job as Cara’s assistant.  Shortly after her arrival, Cara sets Grace up on a date with her handsome co-star, but is he the man Cara thinks he is?  Will Grace open up and trust him or break his heart and destroy what could be love?

Jake Matthews, a movie and Broadway star from a small town, has been a ladies man for some time.  Lately, though, that life has lost its’ appeal.  Now, he is looking for someone to settle down with.  When he meets Grace Brewster, he thinks he has blown it after their first date.  But has he?  Can he change her mind about him?  Or will her lies close his heart off for good?

This book broke my heart!  So many twists and turns!  I had a hard time putting this one down.  One thing I love about this series, besides that it is always intriguing, is that characters from previous books return in subsequent ones.  Jean has produced a book that is hot and sexy, yet sweet and tender all in one.  An excellent read that I highly recommend!

5 stars

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