An Unlucky Moon by Carrie Ann Ryan

This novel is the third in the Dante’s Circle series, and is the story of Becca, one of seven lightning struck women, and Hunter, a werewolf.  Becca has been through her share of trouble.  Growing up in a troubled home with little love, no father figure and getting kicked out at seventeen.  Then, she struggled through life, working at Dante’s circle, living above it, and going to college, trying to figure out where her life would take her.    After being struck by lightning along with her six best friends, she has watched two of them, Lily and Jenna find their true halves and come into their powers and supernatural selves.

Becca, however, has found her true half, but he has left her.  Hunter, a werewolf rescued from Hell by Jenna’s true halves Ambrose, a warrior angel, and Balin, a demon, has returned to his pack to settle things and find out who sent him to Hell.  Becca is alone and she is growing weak from the lack of bonding with her true half.  She begins to wonder if Hunter will return at all.

Hunter, saved from Hell, wants desperately to return to mate with his true half, Becca, but things within the pack continue to prevent him from doing so.  The council conspires against the Alpha, and against Hunter as well.  With so much against him, he fears bringing Becca into the pack.

Can Becca wait for Hunter, or will she give up and find someone new?  Will Hunter be able to overcome those that conspire against him and bond with his true half?  What are Becca’s powers?  What will she become?  And will it help the pack if she and Hunter mate and bond?  Who is conspiring against Hunter, and are they after Becca, too?  Will both of them be able to put the past behind them and make a new life together?

I had a very hard time putting this book down, in fact, I finished it in two evenings!  A wonderful story of love and struggle.  I highly recommend it.  The characters are well written, and the plot flows well.  A great paranormal read!

5 stars

His Reign by Sascha Illyvich

This novel, the first in the Opeth Pack Saga, is the story of reluctant Alpha Joszi.  Prophecy within the pack foretold that he would be Alpha, but he has long run from it, leaving Hungary for Houston, Texas.  In the process, he has left behind not only his pack duties, but his true loves, Ilona and Lukina.

When the current Alpha, Kiba goes mad from the lunar flower disease, Lukina goes in search of Joszi, hoping to bring him back to Hungary to save not only the pack, but Ilona.  Will her love, and that of Ilona be enough to draw him to his destiny?  Or will Kiba’s madness win and Joszi lose his loves forever?  Can Joszi defeat Kiba or is his madness too strong?

I LOVED this book!  Full of steamy sex, fight scenes, and a hot tortured hero, Sascha has done it again.  A great start to a wonderful series to come.

5 stars!

First Rapture by Alexandra Ivy

This contemporary novella is the story of Madison Philps and Luc Angeli.  Madison, now a fashion model and agency owner, was once a poor, lonely teen in love with the Dark Angel, Luc.  On her eighteenth birthday, her only wish was for Luc to take her innocence, to be her knight in shining armor.  Luc granted part of her wish, taking her innocence and walking away.  For years, Maddy has been unable to love another, and has plotted her revenge against the Dark Angel.  Can she carry it through, or does she still love him?  Is Luc really her Prince Charming?

Luc Angeli, better known as the Dark Angel in Las Vegas, is also known as a womanizer, a take ‘em and leave ‘em guy.  But is he really?  The night he spent with a young, lonely girl eight years ago haunts him still.  Now, he finds himself unable to continue the lifestyle he has led.  But, he can’t commit to anyone, either.  When Maddy suddenly reappears in Vegas, Luc hopes to win her back.  But, did his betrayal all those years ago ruin his chance with her?  Can he prove that he has changed and win her heart?  Is she his Cinderella?

This novella is something totally different from what I have read from Ms. Ivy, having only read her paranormals.  I was swept away immediately into the story of Maddy and Luc.  The story was truly enthralling, from Maddy’s crush, to her heartbreak and eventual attempt at revenge.  I LOVED this book, and look forward to more from Ms. Ivy.  Great characters and plot development.  Totally amazing work.

5 stars

Movie Lovers by Jean Joachim

This fourth installment of Jean’s Hollywood Hearts series is the story of Grace Brewster and Jake Matthews.  Grace, the sister of movie and Broadway star Cara Brewster, and an aspiring screen writer, has been betrayed and broken by Hollywood movie mogul Gunther Quill.  Hoping for a fresh start, Grace moves to New York to live with Cara, resuming her job as Cara’s assistant.  Shortly after her arrival, Cara sets Grace up on a date with her handsome co-star, but is he the man Cara thinks he is?  Will Grace open up and trust him or break his heart and destroy what could be love?

Jake Matthews, a movie and Broadway star from a small town, has been a ladies man for some time.  Lately, though, that life has lost its’ appeal.  Now, he is looking for someone to settle down with.  When he meets Grace Brewster, he thinks he has blown it after their first date.  But has he?  Can he change her mind about him?  Or will her lies close his heart off for good?

This book broke my heart!  So many twists and turns!  I had a hard time putting this one down.  One thing I love about this series, besides that it is always intriguing, is that characters from previous books return in subsequent ones.  Jean has produced a book that is hot and sexy, yet sweet and tender all in one.  An excellent read that I highly recommend!

5 stars

Forget Me Not by Jaden Sinclair

Forget Me Not, the first novel of the Guardians series by Jaden Sinclair, is the story of Julian Marino, a vampire.  Unlike many, he is not bonded, does not have a bloodmate.  He is a hunter with no family, having disowned them years ago.  Once, he was a Noble from one of the oldest families, but having disowned that family, he was now, a disgrace.  And all for what?  A girl he would never have because she had disappeared when she was just thirteen.

Now, there was a war going on.  A war he didn’t understand, that he wanted no part of, yet he was being dragged into it by the girl’s adoptive father.  A bloodmate was in trouble, sick and dying, in need of medical help.  She had to be found, and quickly, or she would die.  As there were few of them, it was imperative that she be found.  Julian was the best hunter they race had, so it fell to him to search for her.

Serina Ferarri is going to die.  Born a bloodmate, her father is obsessed with “curing” her.  He hates vampires, and wishes them all dead.  Serina is subjected to his wretched tests, along with any bloodmates and vampires he can catch.  He has killed many in his attempts to “cure” her.  However, she grows weaker by the day, starved for food and blood.  Only her brother, Denver, tries to help her, leaving clues behind at each abandoned location, hoping that help will come for his beloved sister before it is too late.

Watched over and aided by a female Guardian, but not knowing why, Julian sets out to save Serina.  With her help, and that of his lifelong friend Lucian, can he save her?  In the process, will he find his bloodmate?  And if he does, will they survive the evil of Serina’s father, Renzo?

I enjoyed this book.  The only thing that would have made it better for me, would be a bit more detailed character development.  I never got a clear picture of what the characters looked like, where they came from, etc.  An enjoyable, read.  Loved the relationship between Lucian and Julian, and that between Serina and Julian.  I look forward to reading more from Ms. Sinclair.

3 stars

Now and Forever 3: Blind Love

Review of Now and Forever 3: Blind Love – by Jean Joachim

Now and Forever 3: Blind Love is a Contemporary Romance with lots of twists! It tells the story of members of the Caldwell family of Willow Falls. Willow Falls, sounds like a nice, quiet town that would be full of romance and love, right? It is. But, there is so much more! Intrigue, murder, blackmail, and lies abound in this small college town in New York along with strong family ties and love.

Come along for the ride with Mac, Callie, Peter and Sam as they try to find love, keep love and fight for what is right. Along the way, meet others who are looking for love, too. Lara, Jakub, Marcia, and Pat. But…who will cause problems for all of them? What evil lurks that will threaten their happiness? Will love conquer all? Will justice prevail?

Jean has woven a lovely story of love and romance along with elements of intrigue that keep the reader interested and on the edge of their seat, always wanting more! Lovers of Contemporary Romance will find something to love in this book, and more. Mystery lovers can also find something to enjoy here, as Jean has blended mystery and crime into this very enjoyable story. I look forward to more of this series and plan to go read the others as well!

5 of 5 stars!

Blurred Expectations by Carrie Ann Ryan

The Trinity Bond is struggling. Josh, Reed and Hannah have each been helping the Pack in their own way, Hannah as the Pack’s Healer, Josh helping Adam as an Enforcer, and Reed coming into his own as a part of the Alpha’s family. They have used their Trinity Bond to strengthen the wards surrounding the den. But, they have suffered for it, and are now dealing with pain, loss, and depression. Each are dealing with it in their own way, or trying to. Hannah, most of all, is pulling away, keeping her secrets to herself, not depending on her mates. Her duties to the Pack have cost her more than she can bear.

Will Hannah be able to overcome her sense of failure, loss and her depression to return to her mates whole and help them and the Pack once more? Can she find her way, or will her problems cause more loss and suffering? Will Josh truly be able to put his past behind him, coming into his own as a member of the Pack and accept his demon side? Can Reed help his mates through this time of loss and pain?

In this novella, Carrie Ann has told the story of a loss and pain in a very real way. Showing the bond of these mates falling apart, their pain at the loss, and what lengths they will go to to return to each other. A wonderful addition to the Redwood Pack series! Don’t miss it!

5 of 5 stars

Enforcer’s Redemption by Carrie Ann Ryan

Adam is a broken wolf. Twenty years ago he lost his mate and unborn child, and he mourns them still. He believes he can never love again and does not want another mate. Bay is a lone wolf with a secret. She is now mated to Adam and pregnant with his child. And, something is after her. She needs help and protection. Will Adam and the Redwoods take her in? Can they protect her?

Both Adam and Bay have broken pasts and secrets. Can they overcome them and find the future and love that they deserve? Will they become the family that their child needs? Will Bay trust Adam with her secret before it is too late, or will the evil that stalks her destroy her and the Redwood Pack?

Adam stole my heart in Trinity Bound. He is so shattered, so full of pain. In this book, Carrie Ann tells his story through a mix of joy, sorrow, love, and, of course, the presence of evil and disaster. Read this wonderful book and see what happens to Bay and Adam. You won’t regret it!

5 of 5 stars

A Christmas Favour by Sascha Illyvich

A Christmas Favour by Sascha Illyvich is a contemporary erotic romance, the story of Christian and Angela. Best friends since childhood, they have spent Thanksgiving and Christmas together for years, finally admitting that there was something more between them than friendship. But then, miles and work got in the way, and they grew apart. Christian finally has a chance to be closer to Angela. Can he admit what is most important to him before he loses the one thing that truly is? Can he put his ghosts behind him before they destroy his happiness? Will Angela allow Christian back into her life or has she moved on? Can she forgive him for what she sees as his choice to ignore her for what she thinks he feels is more important?

This is a lovely story of a star-crossed couple who have trouble making decisions that will lead to their ultimate happiness. Set against the backdrop of Christmas, it is a story of love, loss, heartbreak, and happiness. I had never read anything by Sascha Illyvich prior to this novel, but will definitely be adding more of his work to my TBR list!

5 stars!