Blurred Expectations by Carrie Ann Ryan

The Trinity Bond is struggling. Josh, Reed and Hannah have each been helping the Pack in their own way, Hannah as the Pack’s Healer, Josh helping Adam as an Enforcer, and Reed coming into his own as a part of the Alpha’s family. They have used their Trinity Bond to strengthen the wards surrounding the den. But, they have suffered for it, and are now dealing with pain, loss, and depression. Each are dealing with it in their own way, or trying to. Hannah, most of all, is pulling away, keeping her secrets to herself, not depending on her mates. Her duties to the Pack have cost her more than she can bear.

Will Hannah be able to overcome her sense of failure, loss and her depression to return to her mates whole and help them and the Pack once more? Can she find her way, or will her problems cause more loss and suffering? Will Josh truly be able to put his past behind him, coming into his own as a member of the Pack and accept his demon side? Can Reed help his mates through this time of loss and pain?

In this novella, Carrie Ann has told the story of a loss and pain in a very real way. Showing the bond of these mates falling apart, their pain at the loss, and what lengths they will go to to return to each other. A wonderful addition to the Redwood Pack series! Don’t miss it!

5 of 5 stars

Enforcer’s Redemption by Carrie Ann Ryan

Adam is a broken wolf. Twenty years ago he lost his mate and unborn child, and he mourns them still. He believes he can never love again and does not want another mate. Bay is a lone wolf with a secret. She is now mated to Adam and pregnant with his child. And, something is after her. She needs help and protection. Will Adam and the Redwoods take her in? Can they protect her?

Both Adam and Bay have broken pasts and secrets. Can they overcome them and find the future and love that they deserve? Will they become the family that their child needs? Will Bay trust Adam with her secret before it is too late, or will the evil that stalks her destroy her and the Redwood Pack?

Adam stole my heart in Trinity Bound. He is so shattered, so full of pain. In this book, Carrie Ann tells his story through a mix of joy, sorrow, love, and, of course, the presence of evil and disaster. Read this wonderful book and see what happens to Bay and Adam. You won’t regret it!

5 of 5 stars

Secrets of Night by Virginia Cavanaugh

Vampires and Shifters and Sorceresses, oh my!

Kierra is a sorceress, not a witch, no pentagrams and potions here. She is also a Senator for the Order of the Night, a council created in 1200 AD that now rules and governs the paranormal world. Suddenly thrown into a rescue mission, Kierra finds old feelings re-emerging, forbidden feelings. What will she do, what should she do? Will she let her heart rule her head? And what will happen if she does?

Kale is a vampire, a member of The Triad, the highest position of authority possible within the Order. Called upon by Kierra after mysterious disappearances occur, Kale finds feelings stirring he thought long buried. Can he fight these feelings and succeed in his mission? If he gives in to the feelings he is warring with, will it cost him more than he is willing to give? What forces are behind the disappearances, and what are they seeking?

If you love paranormal romance, this book is for you! Elements of romance, danger, and intrigue abound. Kale is every bit the alpha male hero, and Kierra is a strong female, who goes after what she wants. Evil forces war with good, and old ways war with new. Who will win, will there be a happily ever after? Read this wonderful book to find out!

5 of 5 stars