Vampire Games a novel of The Otherworlder Enforcement Agency By Tiffany Allee

Claude Desmaris, a vampire, and member of the Chicago Paranormal Unit, has need of some special assistance.  Assistance that only an old friend can provide.  Beatrice is the one he needs.  Talented in psychometry, Beatrice can provide clues to the evidence he has in his possession.  Evidence that could bring down the son of a very powerful vampire in Chicago.  A vampire that Claude believes to be guilty of unspeakable crimes.

Beatrice is an investigator for the OWEA, the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency, in St. Louis.  However, currently, she is on a leave of absence, and is bored.  When Claude appears at her door, a vision from her past, he brings with him the possibility of intrigue and excitement.  And something to occupy her mind and her time, and maybe her lonely heart as well.

Through danger, intrigue and multiple twists and turns, Claude and Beatrice wind their way through the wicked plot created by an evil vampire.  As they try to unravel the mystery of the evidence that Claude has, not only do they find evil, they solve not one mystery, but two.  But, will they be able to work through more than just the mysteries, but the pain and sorrow of the past to find happiness and love in the future?

This was a really good read!  Fascinating from the beginning, the characters are well written, and the plot flows well from beginning to end.  This was the first novel I’ve read by Ms. Allee, and I plan to read more!  I would definitely recommend this book and encourage others who like paranormal romance to give it a try!

4 stars

Secrets of Night by Virginia Cavanaugh

Vampires and Shifters and Sorceresses, oh my!

Kierra is a sorceress, not a witch, no pentagrams and potions here. She is also a Senator for the Order of the Night, a council created in 1200 AD that now rules and governs the paranormal world. Suddenly thrown into a rescue mission, Kierra finds old feelings re-emerging, forbidden feelings. What will she do, what should she do? Will she let her heart rule her head? And what will happen if she does?

Kale is a vampire, a member of The Triad, the highest position of authority possible within the Order. Called upon by Kierra after mysterious disappearances occur, Kale finds feelings stirring he thought long buried. Can he fight these feelings and succeed in his mission? If he gives in to the feelings he is warring with, will it cost him more than he is willing to give? What forces are behind the disappearances, and what are they seeking?

If you love paranormal romance, this book is for you! Elements of romance, danger, and intrigue abound. Kale is every bit the alpha male hero, and Kierra is a strong female, who goes after what she wants. Evil forces war with good, and old ways war with new. Who will win, will there be a happily ever after? Read this wonderful book to find out!

5 of 5 stars