First Rapture by Alexandra Ivy

This contemporary novella is the story of Madison Philps and Luc Angeli.  Madison, now a fashion model and agency owner, was once a poor, lonely teen in love with the Dark Angel, Luc.  On her eighteenth birthday, her only wish was for Luc to take her innocence, to be her knight in shining armor.  Luc granted part of her wish, taking her innocence and walking away.  For years, Maddy has been unable to love another, and has plotted her revenge against the Dark Angel.  Can she carry it through, or does she still love him?  Is Luc really her Prince Charming?

Luc Angeli, better known as the Dark Angel in Las Vegas, is also known as a womanizer, a take ‘em and leave ‘em guy.  But is he really?  The night he spent with a young, lonely girl eight years ago haunts him still.  Now, he finds himself unable to continue the lifestyle he has led.  But, he can’t commit to anyone, either.  When Maddy suddenly reappears in Vegas, Luc hopes to win her back.  But, did his betrayal all those years ago ruin his chance with her?  Can he prove that he has changed and win her heart?  Is she his Cinderella?

This novella is something totally different from what I have read from Ms. Ivy, having only read her paranormals.  I was swept away immediately into the story of Maddy and Luc.  The story was truly enthralling, from Maddy’s crush, to her heartbreak and eventual attempt at revenge.  I LOVED this book, and look forward to more from Ms. Ivy.  Great characters and plot development.  Totally amazing work.

5 stars

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